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Role of the Emergency Management
Senior Advisory Team [EMSAT]

  • Roll of Emergency Management Senior Advisory Team
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By statute, emergency operations and protective actions in Douglas County are the responsibility of the County Board; and with regard to its political subdivisions, the responsibility of the Mayor and City Councils of Bennington, Omaha, Ralston and Valley and the Village Boards of Boys Town and Waterloo. Depending on the incident, these executives may be engaged as members of the Emergency Management Senior Advisory Team (EMSAT). During a community emergency or natural disaster (CEND) incident, the EMSAT’s role is to do the following:

  1. Approve missions and tasks in support of and to fulfill the resource needs of the Incident Commander.
  2. Approve short and long term priorities for recovery.
  3. Anticipate and identify existing and future resource requirements and provide for their reimbursement or compensation as needed.
  4. Monitor the environment of their respective cities or county and comply with their responsibilities stated in the Nebraska Emergency Management Act.
  5. Have systems in place to warn and alert the public of conditions and provide instructions.
  6. Support the decisions and emergency operations of their local Incident Command System.
  7. Provide a smooth demobilization of resources after the incident.
  8. Develop, coordinate and/or resolve policy issues arising from the incident so as to ensure that civic functions, services and resources are prioritized and provided appropriately.
  9. Participate in the After Action Report process and make subsequent modifications to policies in place under their authority.
  10. Partner with private, for-profit, non-profit, non-governmental, faith based and other organizations as required to support community resilience.
  11. Implement those appropriate portions of the jurisdiction’s continuity plans to support continued operations.
  12. Remain engaged throughout the duration of the CEND incident as part of the EMSAT so as to monitor the financial reimbursement process.
  13. Ensure that their Incident Commander or Unified Command is supported financially for the obligations that are made to adequately respond to or recover from a CEND incident. 

The composition and members of the EMSAT for a specific incident will reflect the resource organizations that are effected.

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