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Threat Vulnerability and Risk

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Consideration of "All Hazards"

The Federal Emergency Management Agency emphasizes that communities should take an "All Hazards" approach to planning.  Threat, vulnerability and risk are measures that collectively describe the likelihood and potential impact of a hazard on a community. Based on these factors, the Douglas County Emergency Management Agency (DCEMA) organizes planning efforts for identified hazard scenarios including the following:

  1. Chemical Release / Hazardous Material Transportation Incident.
  2. Flood / Ice Jam / Flash Flood.
  3. Snow / Ice Storm.
  4. Tornado / Severe Wind.
  5. Explosion / Large Fire.
  6. Structural Collapse / Building Evacuation.
  7. Interruption of Utilities, Energy Supplies or Essential Commodities.
  8. Ground Transportation Incident.
  9. Airplane Crash.
  10. Active Shooter.
  11. Mass Illness.
  12. Nuclear Detonation / Release.
  13. Biological Agent Release.
  14. Earth Movement / Dam Failure / Land Slide / Earthquake.
  15. Civil Unrest.
  16. Reception of Evacuees.
  17. Agricultural or Food Chain Contamination / Disease / Infestation.
  18. Cyber Disruption.
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Community Emergencies and Natural Disasters are 






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