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Homeland Security

  • Preparedness and Outreach
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Douglas, Sarpy & Washington counties and the City of Omaha have developed a regional approach to Homeland Security in the Omaha metropolitan area.

Historically, the three counties have recognized the importance of cooperating with and supporting the cities and rural residents within their respective geographic boundaries. The three counties work together as demonstrated by their willingness to enact Memorandums of Understanding, Inter-local Agreements and informal partnerships among the stakeholders. Various functional committees have been established to provide comprehensive planning and oversight as well as consistency and continuity for different aspects of Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

Each of the three counties and the City of Omaha is involved in a continuous and cooperative process of developing and improving capabilities to plan, detect, prevent, protect, respond to and recover from, the many threats or incidents that could effect the Omaha Metropolitan area. These include both man-made incidents and natural disasters.

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Community Emergencies and Natural Disasters are 






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