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Emergency Operations Center

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Douglas County EOC

The Douglas County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located at 1819 Farnam Street, Omaha, NE 68183. It has a maximum staffing level of 125 persons and is served by fixed and generator power. The EOC is equipped with a National Warning Alert System (NAWAS) radio link that provides uninterrupted service and installed radio capability to communicate with law enforcement, fire/EMS departments, National Weather Service and the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency. There are approximately 70 telephones and computers with internet access in the EOC. Telephone conferencing capability is also available. The EOC is maintained in a fully operational mode. Access to the EOC is strictly controlled by the agency Director. Secondary and tertiary locations are available for use in the event that the primary location is inaccessible. The Chairman of the County Board, the Mayors of the affected cities, the Board Chairman of the villages, and the Douglas County Emergency Management Director have the authority to activate the Douglas County Emergency Operating Center (EOC). Incident Command may also request that the EOC be activated, as a situation warrants. The operational staff in the EOC are from governmental, non-governmental and private organizations who do not have a primary operational responsibility but do have the knowledge and professional expertise to assess a situation and provide advice and/or make recommendations to the EMSAT. The level of involvement of an organization (or offices) will be dependent upon a number of variables, such as:

  1. Geographical location of disaster,
  2. Magnitude of disaster,
  3. Type of advice/recommendation needed to make executive decisions,
  4. Capability of affected community to provide "expert" assessments and evaluations.

During community emergency and natural disaster (CEND) incidents the following entities may be present at the EOC depending on the type of event. Other officials may operate from their daily locations as defined in the functional Annexes:

  1. EMSAT (at the EOC / EOC Conference Room or by teleconference),
  2. Emergency Management Director,
  3. Douglas County Emergency Communications / 911 Director,
  4. Damage Assessment Coordinator,
  5. Public Information Officer,
  6. Medical Coordinator and/or Public Health Coordinator,
  7. Mass Care Coordinator,
  8. Resources Coordinator (may include Volunteer Coordinator),
  9. Salvation Army / Social Services Coordinator,
  10. Radiological Officer (radiological emergency),
  11. LEPC Chair or representative,
  12. Animal control representative,
  13. 211 Call Center Coordinator,
  14. Transportation Coordinator,
  15. Utilities Coordinator,
  16. Public Safety Coordinator,
  17. Public Works Coordinator,
  18. Business Liaison.

The EOC will be staffed proportionally and appropriately based on the type and complexity of the incident.

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