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The Douglas County Emergency Management Agency fulfills its mission by focusing on objectives that evolve from the following tasks:

1.  Orchestrate.  The Douglas County Emergency Management Agency (DCEMA) has the responsibility to orchestrate or assemble together the various agencies, departments, organizations, functions and individuals necessary to yield successful outcomes for the four phases of the emergency management cycle (preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery).  Its important the DCEMA have the means to make contact with these stakeholders under very short notice and that they know their assigned tasks.  A well orchestrated approach to a Community Emergency or Natural Disaster (CEND) incident will mean that all functions are working together in a synergistic manner.

2.  Educate.  Once the various parties and individuals are orchestrated, DCEMA has the responsibility to enhance the education and training of the various individuals who will be needed and called upon to help with a CEND incident.  This also involves educating the stakeholders, their supervisors and the Chief Elected Officials as to their roles, responsibilities and anticipated involvement in the incident.  People who are adequately educated and trained are able to quickly respond to the needs of the community and anticipate what lies ahead.  

3.  Coordinate.  When all entities and individuals are orchestrated and educated to their roles and responsibilities, DCEMA must coordinate preparedness, response and recovery efforts so that duplication of efforts and gaps in support do not arise.  This task requires that each portion of the community receive the level of service that is needed and that expectations are calibrated with the resources that are available.

4.  Facilitate.  As orchestration, education and coordination of every stakeholder and function is accomplished, DCEMA will facilitate the approach necessary to expedite the response and recovery process.  This involves communicating and engaging with senior officials and outside entities to remove encumbrances to providing the level of response that is needed.  The DCEMA director will strive to support, preserve and protect the Incident Command System that is necessary to address the needs of the community.  

When a CEND incident occurs, in cooperation with our partners we strive to provide the most effective, efficient and strategic response and recovery possible to return our community to normalcy in a most timely manner.  Between incidents we engage in planning, mitigation and a variety of preparedness activities to enhance readiness.

The Douglas County Emergency Management Agency is located in the Civic Center, 1819 Farnam St., Omaha, NE 68183.  Our telephone number is 402-444-5040 and our fax number is 402-345-2060.

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