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General Information

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Public Assistance Program provides aid in the wake of a major disaster to state and local governments and to certain non-profits to help communities in their recovery efforts. See FEMA Public Assistance Applicant Handbook for details.



  • Eligible applicants include local governments and certain private non-profit organizations whose facility provides a critical service or provides non-critical, but essential government service and is open to the general public. A facility that provides a critical service is defined as one used for and educational, utility, emergency, or medical purpose.
  • At this time Douglas County has been approved for Emergency Work--Categories A and B below. As results of damage assessments become available it is possible for the approval to be expanded to include permanent work as well—Categories C-G below.
    Emergency Work
    Category A: Debris removal
    Category B: Emergency protective measures
    Permanent Work
    Category C: Roads and bridges
    Category D: Water control facilities
    Category E: Public buildings and contents
    Category F: Public utilities
    Category G: Parks, recreation, and other facilities
  • FEMA will not provide disaster assistance if damages or losses are covered by insurance.



  • The state conducts Applicant Briefings to inform to inform potential applicants of the assistance available and how to apply. Douglas County’s applicants briefing will be held April 17, 2019 at 9:00 AM at the Valley City Council Chambers at 203 North Spruce Street.
  • Applicants normally must file a Request for Public Assistance within 30 days of the state’s federal declaration. For this event NEMA will be extending that deadline. The new deadline will be posted here when it is has been announced.
  • Following the approved request, the applicants will be assigned a state Project Officer to discuss damage and project formulation.
  • Applicants must identify and report damages to FEMA within a 60-day regulatory timeline.


Timeline and Dates

  • Request for Public Assistance will be considered accepted by the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) when applicants enter their contact information via its online portal by April 20.
  • Damage must be identified within 60 days of the state’s federal declaration dated March 21,2019


Project Reimbursement Information

  • Small project funding ($3200 min - $128,900 max) is based on estimated costs if actual costs are not yet available. Payment is final and made on the basis of the initial approved amount, whether estimated or actual.
  • Large project funding is based on documented actual costs. Approval may be issued based on estimates but reimbursement is on a progress payment basis as work is completed.
  • Federal share of assistance is 75% of eligible expenditures. The non-federal share is split equally between the state and local applicants (12.5% each). Properly-documented volunteer service hours and donations may be used to offset the local share.



  • Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency:



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