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About the Adopt-a -Siren Program.  

The Adopt-a-Siren Program in Douglas County is intended to increase public awareness and interest in the Outdoor Warning Siren system.  The program also allows for more accurate and efficient monitoring of the system by interested citizens.

By volunteering to be an outdoor warning siren observer, we hope to receive feedback from you if you witness faulty or abnormal siren activation based on your visual and audible observations.  We want to thank you for you interest in the Adopt-a-Siren program and your willingness to volunteer as a neighborhood outdoor warning siren observer.

What is involved?

As a neighborhood outdoor warning siren observer, it is anticipated that you will have the ability to visually see and hear the siren you "adopt" on most days the sirens are tested.  Douglas County tests the Outdoor Warning Siren System on the first Wednesday of each month during the tornado season, typically early Spring through October.  The sirens are activated at approximately 11:00 AM for three minutes in which they rotate in circular fashion.  If abnormal or faulty siren behavior is observed during activation or if you witness a condition that may put the siren at risk of functioning properly (such as a leaning pole or obstructing tree limbs), please report your observations and concerns to us as soon as possible by calling 402-444-5040.  Please leave a message if no answer and we will return your call.  To provide accurate observations we desire that you be out-of-doors when you make your observations and your observing position be no more than 1/4 mile from the siren of interest.  Never put yourself or anyone at risk of physical harm when attempting to observe or report on a siren.

Each siren has a 3-digit number painted on the control box which is mounted on the siren pole.  When enrolling in the program we require that you first personally verify the siren number for the siren you are going to adopt and then enroll in the program.  When reporting on a siren, always reference the siren number.

What is the commitment?

When you enroll in the Adopt-a-Siren Program as a volunteer outdoor warning siren observer, it is assumed that you will be able to witness siren activation for most of the monthly tests.  Although anyone can inform the Douglas County Emergency Management Agency (DCEMA) or a siren malfunction at any time, enrollment in the Adopt-a-Siren Program allows us to contact you should we have a concern or want additional information regarding a specific siren.  If the number of enrolled observers satisfies the need for a particular siren, you will not be able to enter your contact information to adopt that particular siren.  

DCEMA may contact you regarding an issue related to the siren that you have adopted.  You must have access to and be proficient in sending and receiving email since most communication will be via email rather than telephone.  The email addresses for volunteers enrolled in the Adopt-a-Siren Program will not be intentionally shared with outside entities.  The Adopt-a-Siren Program is voluntary in nature and incurs no legal obligation whatsoever on behalf of or for, the enrolled observer, Douglas County or any other participant.  

How do I enroll as a volunteer siren observer in the Adopt-a-Siren Program?

Click the following link to Register and Sign Up for the Adopt a Siren Program.


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