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  • Siren in a park.
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Siren Installation

Requests for a determination as to whether or not a siren is needed shall be directed to the Douglas County Emergency Management Agency (DCEMA), Douglas County Planning Board or as appropriate to the Omaha City Planning Department.  If it is determined as part of the permit and plat approval process that a siren is required, the following criteria shall apply:

  1. The SID/developer owner(s) shall install a siren within prior to occupancy or intended use of developed property, and 
  2. Obtaining any certificates, documents, permits, easements, licenses, or any similar type permit (with the exception of grading), that relate to permission to install, build, provide access, use or occupy; or for structural, electrical, mechanical or plumbing work; or final approval of any certificates, documents, permits or licenses, shall be the responsibility of the developer.  This includes Diggers Hotline.

Final plat approval may be denied pending compliance of the terms and requirements for siren installation.  

All costs related to purchase and installation of the siren shall be the responsibility of the developer.  Once installed, the siren will become property of Douglas County immediately following purchase, installation, electrical hookup, testing and commissioning.

The siren shall be located such that a service truck has unhindered access to the entire siren structure at any time.  The service truck requires a maximum of ten feet of lateral distance for access to the siren.  The truck access shall be on a level surface.

The SID/development owner(s) shall arrange for payment of the monthly OPPD electrical service fee.

The following requirements also apply:

a.  Sirens to be purchased shall be approved by DCEMA and specified as an American Signal model T-128 with a CDM 750 Motorola radio (frequency specified by DCEMA) controlled with two-way status monitoring. The siren shall be installed on an approved steel pole either galvanized, bronzed or other color to match the utility poles in the new or existing development with proper footing; no wood poles.  The siren height shall be 50 feet above ground with no listing of the pole.  The developer will be responsible for all labor and costs incurred to correct any inadequate installation within one year of placement which includes a listing pole.

b.  Electrical service shall be furnished below ground and buried below ground to a depth acceptable to OPPD and wiring shall be placed within conduit from the power source to the siren.  Above ground electrical service is discouraged and shall first be approved by the Douglas County Emergency Management Agency (DCEMA) prior to installation.

c.  The radio antennae shall be omni-directional and no tree branches shall be within 25 feet of the pole.

d.  DCEMA shall identify available contractors to the developer who will install sirens compatible with the siren existing system.

e.  Sirens shall be installed in locations as specified or accepted by DCEMA that have accessibility, easement and right-of-way for city or county maintenance.  Such locations shall also be kept free of obstructions.  The developer shall receive written approval to install any siren in Douglas County from DCEMA and shall comply with the guidelines written in the American Signal Outdoor Warning Siren Installation Manual.  


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