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Testing Policy

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Siren Testing Policy

There are two different audible siren tests that may be performed throughout the year. The frequency and type of siren test is described below.

Monthly Siren Test. This siren test will take place each month for Douglas County beginning with severe weather season and end with the last test in October of each year. Severe weather season usually begins in February or March of each year.  The purpose of the test is to assess system-wide siren performance. The Monthly Siren Test protocol is described below.

  1. For calendar year 2009 and thereafter, the siren test will take place on the first Wednesday of the month at 11:00 AM.
  2. A public announcement through the local media will originate from DCEMA prior to the siren test dates.
  3. To avoid public confusion, the siren test will be delayed two hours if the National Weather Service reports that there is severe weather within Douglas County at the regularly scheduled time on the day of the test.
  4. DCEMA will assess any siren difficulties.
  5. If any siren difficulties are noted, DCEMA will have the sirens repaired and tested.
  6. DCEMA will consult with the siren maintenance provider and address any issues that may be identified.

Special Siren Tests.  On occasion a Special Siren Test of an individual siren may be required to assess its readiness.  Should this be necessary, the Special Siren Test protocol to be followed is described below.

  1. DCEMA will notify 911 of the Special Siren Test.
  2. To avoid confusion by the public, the siren test will be canceled if severe weather is in the area.
  3. As necessary, DCEMA in cooperation with the siren maintenance provider will assess the performance of the siren(s).

It should be noted that a system-wide siren Special Siren Test will be conducted as part of the National Weather Service Severe Weather Awareness Week Program.  Severe Weather Awareness Week is usually during the month of March.  The actual date and time of this test will be formally announced by the National Weather Service.

DCEMA will notify the local news media of any siren that is not operational should severe weather enter Douglas County.  

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