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Community Preparedness and Planning

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Preparedness and Planning is Continual

The Douglas County Emergency Management Agency (DCEMA) is actively engaged in working with its community and government partners in preparing and planning for community emergencies and natural disasters in Douglas County.  These activities include various exercises, planning sessions, and seminars based on lessons learned.  

Planning for an effective response to a community emergency or natural disaster involves activation and engagement of the community's capabilities and support functions.  To better define these roles, responsibilities, and expectations DCEMA also participates in a scenario-based planning approach to incident planning.  This involves defining the various aspects of specific scenarios as they evolve and matching them with the objectives, tasks and informational needs of the various stakeholders who need to respond or be aware of the incident.  Many stakeholders who participate in response planning support an actual incident by taking part in one or more of the following groups:  

a.  Those persons who are in the field and on-scene

b.  Those who are taking part in the Incident Command General Staff

c.  Those persons working in the Douglas County Emergency Operations Center, and

d.  Those that are in the policy-making body of the Emergency Management Senior Advisory Team.

DCEMA engages its stakeholders using a protocol that involves four levels of activation followed by demobilization and recovery.

Douglas County, A National Weather Service Storm-Ready Community

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