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DC Local Emergency Operations Plan and Community Emergency Planning

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Douglas County Local Emergency Operations Plan and Community Emergency Planning

In Nebraska, each county has a Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP) that is used by local government.  The LEOP is focused on an "all hazards" approach to responding to and recovering from a community emergency or natural disaster (CEND) incident.  This plan is routinely updated by the Douglas County Emergency Management Agency who is the primary agency responsible for its content.  The Douglas County LEOP is a document that empowers and requires certain officials, departments and agencies to implement certain functions necessary to adequately respond to the CEND incident, regardless of the type of scenario that occurs.  The Douglas County LEOP which also contains the respective plans for its cities can be viewed at:

Douglas County, Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP)

Emergency planning is taking place on a continual basis throughout Douglas County. Businesses, schools, institutions, agencies and individual citizens should have emergency plans in place and practice or "exercise" them frequently.  There are laws and regulations that require such plans from various perspectives to ensure that the safety of individuals and continuity of organizational operations takes place.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency website at provides additional guidance on preparedness and planning.

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Community Emergencies and Natural Disasters are 






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