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Personal Preparedness

  • Severe weather
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Get Started!

There are many ways to get started in order to adequately self-prepare for a community emergency or natural disaster (CEND) incident. It is important to not just think of the larger CEND incidents that affect the population in whole, but to also think of an individual house fire, need to evacuate or CEND incident specific to your neighborhood.

Things to consider include performing a written and photo inventory of the interior and exterior of your home.  Having an inventory and safe storage location for important documents, keepsakes and financial information is important. Keeping all original and important documents (without copies elsewhere) in one room of a house or apartment is not wise. Having safe deposit boxes and another person made aware of key information regarding accessibility and availability of important documents and policies should be considered as well.

When out-of-doors it is especially important that persons be aware of potential threatening weather conditions. Placards are being placed in picnic shelters and park buildings that advise you to have a plan and to seek a safe location in case of severe weather (see the link below).

To view the entire Severe Weather placard displayed above click here.


Understanding the Threat

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