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Emergency Plans and Insurance

  • Planning is everything.
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Having an Emergency Plan

Having one or more emergency plans for personal preparedness will enhance your ability to take the appropriate action in times of urgency and stress related to a Community Emergency or Natural Disaster (CEND) incident.  It is helpful that emergency plans take into account the different emergency scenarios that could occur and that they address actions, equipment, facilities, communication, etc. that are shared among potentially affected family members and friends.  The federal website at contains a wealth of information regarding personal emergency planning and preparedness as well as some templates that can be printed and used for homes and businesses.  The information written in your emergency plan should be shared and reviewed with others who have the need to know, especially those who may be directly affected by it.  It should be remembered that it is important to stay vigilant and to keep up to date on the latest threats and means of communication in your local area. 

Your Insurance Policy 

Insuring your home or dwelling and its contents is a proactive measure that is very important.  Understanding your policy and what it covers is directly related to any insured loss and your potential out-of-pocket expenses.  It is prudent to also take a photo and written inventory of the interior and exterior of your home or business for future reference and historical record.  A valuable resource for homeowners that addresses many insurance issues can be found by clicking here

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Community Emergencies and Natural Disasters are 






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