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Other Organizational Partners

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Other Organizations and Businesses Offering Support For Response and Recovery Efforts

Douglas County Emergency Management partners with several volunteer programs to enhance planning, community vigilance and response efforts in a Community Emergency and Natural Disaster (CEND) incident.  Specifically, there are needs in four support categories that have proven to be most valuable in time of need.  Organizations, businesses and churches wishing to assist in community response and recovery efforts who can provide a capability in any of the four categories listed below should contact the Douglas County Emergency Management Agency (DCEMA) at 402-444-5040 and pre-register their contact information.  When specific capabilities or donated resources are needed, DCEMA will advertise such needs through local media and social media.  

Capabilities and assets needed from our organizational partners when responding to and recovering from community emergencies and natural disasters in Douglas County are categorized as follows:

Personnel - Organizations and businesses who can provide groups of people for operations such as sand bagging, debris removal, etc. are always needed.

Place - Businesses and organizations that can provide for or allow use of a building for emergency workers are of great value in time of need.  Buildings may be needed that provide parking lots for staging, organizing, feeding and transporting of volunteer workers.  Outside power outlets are often needed for computers, lighting and communications.  Interior bathroom facilities and respite areas are always needed as well.  

Products - Depending on the type of incident that has occurred, powered and non-powered equipment, rakes, gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, building materials, storage tubs, etc. are often needed.

Packages - Resource Packages are those capabilities that include the personnel, tools, equipment, etc. to support a complete and needed task.  For instance, a church that provides a van, driver and gasoline is a complete resource package to transport emergency workers to a specific location or transport evacuees to a community shelter.  Another example of a complete resource package is the organization who provides a trailer with portable lighting and generator for night-time operations as well as the personnel to set up and operate the lights.

Some of the organizational partners who provide planning and support within these four categories are listed below.

The Citizen Corps Programs

Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD)

Healthcare Coalition

American Red Cross

Salvation Army

United Way / 211

Business Community and CI/KR


Nebraska Humane Society

Christ Community Church Omaha

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