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Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources

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The Business Community, Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CI/KR)

The effort to organize businesses that comprise the Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CI/KR) group in our community began in 2007 as part of our federal Homeland Security Grant Program.  There are several types of industries that are classified as critical infrastructure based on certain criteria including their consequential impact should they be compromised.  In addition to critical infrastructure industries there are also other commercial entities and organizations who are Key Resources that participate in this Homeland Security program.  As a participating entity, companies are able to engage in homeland security discussions as well as planning exercising and training activities.  DCEMA encourages retailers, contractors, service providers, manufacturers and others who can provide a place, product, personnel or packaged service in time of need to contact us at 402-444-5040 about the Business Community and/or CI/KR group and the other organized groups that could make best use of their availability.  

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