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Day Laborers

  • day laborers - unaffiliated volunteers removing storm damage
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Help for the Day

The Douglas County Emergency Management Agency (DCEMA) will assess the need for day labor for tasks such as community clean-up.  Persons that offer to assist in response and recovery following a community emergency or natural disaster (CEND) are usually assigned to tasks involving manual labor or administrative functions in the field or near the scene of the CEND incident.  These persons are often referred to as "unaffiliated volunteers" and when needed, the value of their efforts can not be overemphasized.  Typically, the need for these unaffiliated volunteers (those not connected to an established on-scene organization) will be announced via the Douglas County Emergency Operations Center through local media outlets and social media.  Unaffiliated volunteers who wish to assist the community will be directed to register at a particular location, receive incident identification, receive a safety briefing and their work assignment.

Although families are encouraged to assist in community clean-up activities, children younger than 14 are requested not to be on site and persons younger than 19 are not to use power tools.  Volunteers should not wear open-toed or athletic shoes.  Volunteers including those assigned to pick up debris should wear glasses and gloves and be dressed appropriately for handling branches, limbs, construction debris and building materials.

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